Monday, July 20, 2009


The title of this post is the date Mr. G and I officially became waiting parents with our agency! I am so excited to finally be paper pregnant!!!

My family and friends, those that know, keep asking when I will be matched. I just keep answering Christmas 2010. I pray it is sooner but, it is completely out of my control. I should be use to that state of mind by now, but I am not.

Our agency uses a post card system to notify you when your profile is shown. We received our first card on July 6th. It was for a woman that was in her 8th month. I was so excited and nervous. I kept thinking about all the work that needed to be done at home and in the office. When I calmed down a bit I realized the gal probably made her decision before I even received the card in the mail. Of course, there is a possibility we could still get the call but, I won't hold my breath.

We went to our adoption support group yesterday. I just love this group. We did have a couple in the group for a few months that were not supportive at all. I guess the leader thought so too and they were asked to find another group. The remaining four couples including DH and me get along very well. We have always liked this one particular couple who have been waiting the longest - 15 months. They finally have a match. I am so excited for them and so hopeful for my own future.

It started feeling more real when we were talking about their situation and how to handle it going forward. There has been nothing leading up to this point that has taught me how to deal with birth families, social workers, agencies, lawyers, hospital staff etc. Scary!!!

Thankfully, my group and the blog community will help me!!!

I just pulled the invisible seat belt on my lap tighter. I first buckled up when staring IVF #2. I told my husband it was going to be a very bumpy ride. And, two plus years later the bumps have only gotten worse. Only this time I can see the end of the road more clearly.