Friday, February 15, 2008

And Sheeeeee's Off!!!

I am leaving tomorrow for New Orleans for the rest of the week. I am really looking forward to pretending to not be infertile for alittle while. I really want to brigde the small gap between Mr. G and me. All is well but, it is sometimes hard to stay close to my hubby when my brain is overwhelmed with thoughts about IF.

My desk at work is a mess and it is going to stay that way. This is so not like me. I usually kick into high gear a week or so before a trip to avoid any issues popping up for my boss or co-workers. I just can't concentrate the way I use to. I was stressed about this earlier this week and right now I don't care. I'll be back to handle whatever mess occurs. My desk could be perfect and my boss would still find a problem to bitch about. So...fuck it!!!!


Lori said...

Enjoy that gumbo and the music!

TABI said...

Have a fantastic time in good old New Orleans!!

Swim said...

have a fantastic time!! i'm sooo jealous.

Portia P said...

Have a fantastic time!

I'm so with you on the F**k it attitude!!!

beautycourage said...

hi there, first time through and wanted to say that I really related to your last post about running out of coping techniques!! My timeline is similar to yours, and 3 years of TTC is sooo long.
Have a great trip.


Pamela Jeanne said...

Thanks for so much for visiting my blog and for your kind comments.

I am so with you on taking a "time out" from infertility and bridging the gap that starts to grow with our main men. By all means have a glorious time in the Big Easy...!