Monday, February 04, 2008

New Orleans, Here I Come!!!

Only 12 more days to go till I leave for NO. I am really excited about this trip. I haven't been away since August 2006. Yes, that's correct 2006. In 2007, Mr. G and I went on a few weekend trips but, our big vacation was canceled since I had a miscarriage on day one. Thankfully, I was still in NY when it happenend.

I certainly have issues with putting my life on hold while dealing with treatments. I should have found a new job, gone on more vacations, purchased more clothes, fixed the house, gone out with friends more, gone out with family more - yadda yadda yadda. You know the deal. We all do this at some point during our IF. I am hoping this vacation will jump start a new attitude.

I have been feeling very grumpy lately all related to IF. I haven't been posting because not a thing is going on in my life right now. My therapist said I need a hobby or two to keep me busy. I just can't figure out what to do. I tried taking a knitting class but, it was canceled. I dusted off the treadmill and haven't looked at it since. Work is insanely busy but, offers no challenges. Par-umpf!!! That's why I desperately need this trip. It will help keep me afloat! Cause baby I am drowning!!!

A dear friend of mine, E, had a stillbirth a few weeks before my miscarriage. It was devastating. She lost twins at 21.5 weeks. Six weeks after, E found out she required a D&C. During the procedure her uterus was preforated. All was ok so E moved onto a FET in December which failed. Her doctor thought she had scar tissue from the D&C. So, she underwent surgery to remove it all. This got me worried about my own D&C. I don't want to do my last insured fresh cycle only to find out scar tissue prevented implantation. So, this week I am off to RE to do a hysterosonogram (HSN).

I had two before so I know what to expect. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that nothing will be found. I know I have two fibroids that did not pose a problem previously. I just hope they have grown into the size of grapefruits. My hope is that all is well and I can move onto IVF #3 in March.

Oh the joy!!!! I can't wait to down a few Hurricanes!!!!!


Lori said...

For having nothing going on, you have a lot going on!

Good luck with the HSN.

I hope you enjoy those Hurricanes!

Melanie said...

I am green (and all other traditional Mardi Gras colors) with envy. My only trips in the next few weeks are to Nashville for three days and your fair city for a day. I'd take sipping drinks on the bayou for an extended period by far.

You're smart to have the HSN.

the Babychaser: said...

We're totally on the same schedule! The HSN is the water sono, right? I'm having mine this week--she's gotta see if the uterus is okay post-surgery. Then on to cycle No. 3 for us.

Here's my crazy thought for the day: I feel more optimistic about this cycle because I've done the IVF thing twice, so surely I'm getting better at it! Practice makes you better at things, right? So our chances are better this time, no?

While this is not remotely related to reality, I'm sticking with this theory until I come up with something better.