Wednesday, November 07, 2007

T's Wedding

My cousin looked gorgeous and the reception was awesome. It was very extravagant and over the top. I was sooo exhausted the next day and I had my women's group after work. I didn't think I would make it through the day but, I did.

One of the gals in the group accepted a donor last week. During her nearly six month wait she often wondered if she was taking the right route to resolve her IF. She was so happy to make her announcement and wished she had more people to tell. (Unfortunately, so many of us have very few people to talk to). We also said good-bye to two women. Both are pregnant for over 10 weeks. One through her fourth IVF and the other through ED. I really hope they are successful. We had to say good-bye because this is an IF group. It is sad but, they are in a different place now.

Anyway, back to my cousin. She looked so happy on her big day. She reminds me alot of myself. I couldn't help but pray that she does not have a problem getting pregnant. I would not wish IF on my worst enemy. But, if she has a problem at least I will be able to help her cope.


Beagle said...

Saying hello Via mel's blog.

Yodasmistress said...

I am a member of several online infertility chat boards. A group of us collectively migrated from a VERY BUSY site to a small, not busy site in February of this year. Right off the bat there were a few gals that got pg but mostly we were a group, in tact for about 6 months. Then over one 24 hour period 4 girls got pg. No kidding. At that point we, as a group had to decide how to handle it. After spending months getting to know these women, it was difficult to oust them. At the same time, their lives had moved on. It was time to say goodby. It was sad but it was good too - after all, "moving on" is the collective goal. ;-)