Monday, March 31, 2008

CD 6 - Already!!!

AF arrived on 3/26 and I started stimming on the 28th. I am taking 525 Gonal-F and three powders of Menopur. I am doing good so far but, I have only been injecting for three days. Mr. G and I timed it last night and the mixing and injecting is no more than five minutes. I remember how we labored over the injections with our first cycle. The whole processed seemed endless and my anxiety level was sky high. Now, the time just flys by.

The last time I felt like this my IVF cycle was a bust (December). I don't know what I will do if that happens this time too. I am so over treatments but, not ready to give up my genetic link. I am also not looking forward to another miscarriage. I am thinking positively but, so far I have fallen on the down side of the statistics. It is hard to be hopeful.

Thankfully, work has been keeping me distracted. I also went to VT this weekend. My BIL had a 50th birthday party for my sister K. Mr. G and I drove up with my Mom and my brother G went also. It was planned at the last minute so I couldn't get any additional time off from work. I will need a day or two off next week for the ER/ET anyway. The party was at a local inn and the room and food were great. There is still a ton of snow up there. The area received 6" on Friday night which was enough to get us stuck in her driveway. She lives on a mountain ridge and the road up is steep. We were close enough I could see the top of the house. Next thing I knew the car was sliding backwards. We backed up all the way down and my BIL picked us up at the bottom. She lives about six hours from me but, the trip is so worth it. My family had a great time together. Mr. G wants to move up there. I am not sure if I could survive the long winters. Although, it would be great to live closer to K and her family.

My other sister J is a bit of a whack-o so I avoid her completely. Thankfully, she lives down south and has no money to travel. She called my brother and asked to use his credit card so she could go to K's party. G said no way. J has a long history with managing funds poorly which is why she now lives in a borrowed trailer with not a dime to her name and a loser husband. She never wanted to work so this is where her life choices have lead her. The other four of us have always worked really hard and have nice lives. She can't understand why she doesn't. Oh well, not my concern.

Some good IF news. My friend E received a BFP yesterday on her second IVF. She suffered a horrible stillbirth last summer a couple of weeks before my miscarriage. It has been a long hard road for her and me. I hope I can be pregnant again with her but, I will always be there for her.

I have blood and sono tomorrow. I hope my ovaries are waking up and doing what I need them to do.


Ahuva Batya said...

You sound so upbeat, that makes me very hopeful for this cycle. 3 vials of Menopur-- hot dang. You're ovaries better be waking up to that! VT sounds so pretty; I've always wanted to go. But I can warn you about long winters-- they can wear you down (says the woman watching 6 inches of snow fall on March 31. MARCH #&&#@ 31st!

Barb said...

It really is so hard to stay hopeful. I have such a hard time believing it will ever happen for me b/c it just never has.

Best of luck.

Swim said...

i agree, you sound really upbeat and it is wonderful. i am on cd2 so, i will be cycling with you for this round of IVF! i start on stims tonight.

fingers crossed for us both this cycle.

Anonymous said...

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