Monday, December 17, 2007

Transfer Completed

Yesterday, we completed our surprise IUI. Mr. G and I bombarded the doctor with questions about when we could do the next IVF. The doctor told us to give this a chance to work first. I said it probably wouldn't work and I didn't want to waste anymore time. He looked at my husband and said, "So much for being optimistic!" So I told him I was well aware that we only had a 10-14% chance with the IUI and at least we could be prepared for the next step. Hello...I was just being realistic!!!! There is a huge difference between pessimism and realism. The truth about ART is that it only helps a third of the people seeking a baby. My doctor has his family already and I am still seeking mine!!!

I have to say he wasn't being a jerk just very lighthearted. Several things happened during this IVF cycle that I didn't like which may have had zero impact on the results. The cycle could have gone perfectly and still resulted in an IUI. This is alot of crap so you may or may not what to read it all. I just need to vent!!!

I have a tendancy to be a perfectionist in certain aspects of my life. I expect people to do their jobs properly. When we met with the doctor in September he told us we could start a fresh or frozen cycle three weeks after day one of AF. I checked with my old notes and that was incorrect. I would start the pill a few days after AF arrives not three weeks. I called the head nurse on day one of my period to let her know the fresh cycle was begining. She called in the perscription for the pill and my cycle began. Ten days later we went to the office to sign the consent forms with the head nurse. She asks us if we are doing a fresh or frozen cycle. Well...if I am signing consent forms for IVF it must mean I am doing a fresh cycle! Then she tells us we may not make the cut off for the lab since it is closing at Xmas for cleaning. I remained calm while she made a call. I really don't know why she didn't have this information when I started the pill ten days earlier. So, the lab said it was ok if I got my period by 12/5. She had me stop the pill two days earlier than expected. I wasn't happy but, not yet concerned.

Then AF arrives again and I go for blood and sono. The head nurse calls later in the day with my protocol and she asks me again if I am doing a fresh or frozen cycle. I told her that she was told a few times including IRL that I was doing a fresh cycle. She told me the doctor was arguing with her that we were doing a frozen cycle. But, she already had me on the pill for 2 1/2 weeks for a fresh cycle!!! What's the confusion???!!!

I start stiming and was told to do my next sono on that Sunday. That was all I was told. In the waiting room I overheard another woman tell her husband, "I was suppose to go for blood yesterday." This puts me on alert since I wasn't told anything about bloodwork. Sure enough my doctor asked me if I went for blood the day before. I told him I wasn't told to do so. He said it wasn't a big deal. He then gave me instructions to add the Cetrotide shot two days later. I checked my notes from the other cycles and that was two days later then previously. My doctor said it had no effect but, I have to wonder since this cycle wasn't like the other two. So, yadda yadda yadda my cycle is converted to an IUI. We are told to meet the doctor at 9am yesterday and bring the specimen with us. I asked her if it was possible to do it at the office and she said no.

Yesterday, we see the doctor and he says do you have the specimen or do you need a room? Gee...I was told Mr. G couldn't do it here. The doctor said it wasn't a big deal. But, you see it was a big deal for me. I am dealing with male factor infertility so the less time the sperm spends outside the lab the better.

The doctor sends us off for breakfast for the next hour. When we are finally led into the room, I ask the head nurse to use the bathroom and she said, "No, didn't anyone tell you that you need to have a full bladder?" Ummm...if by anyone do you mean you?!!!! No, I wasn't told!!! "Oh, it won't make or break the cycle but, it is better if you wait to use the bathroom!" So she shuts the door so I can undress and I start freaking out with my husband. I mean seriously, there were far too many mistakes this cycle. Any yes, the results may have been the same but, I will not know. I do not expect a specialists office to make so many errors. I felt it was necessary to discuss these issues with the doctor. Mr. G however felt it wasn't the proper time. Of course, I should say that like most men Mr. G doesn't like to make waves.

I am not a drama queen. I just expect a certain level of professionalism from the doctor and his staff. After much arguing with hubby, I agreed not to discuss the problems with the doctor during the IUI. I did ask the doctor why he thought the cycle wasn't good. He said he often continues with the IVF in other patients and does have positive results. He just felt I could do better. I really do appreciate that but, I have to wonder if he was aware of all of the problems.

I told him and his nurse that since I will only being doing one more fresh cycle, I expect it to be done under the most ideal circumstances. They just laughed but, you can be sure I will not hold back the next time!!!

Phew...I just had to get this off my chest!!!!


Melanie said...

I agree with you; the process should be as seamless as possible and, above all, professional (with, of course, a decent bedside manner!). The underlying issue of infertility is mindnumbingly stressful, so the steps of "curing" it should be less so. That said, I so hope that this works for you.