Friday, April 25, 2008

Blood Test #2

Today's BETA = 45

The doctor said he was very happy with that number. So, why am I still worried?!

I will continue taking the progesterone and estrogen. My third BETA is on May 1st. I really appreciate all of your well wishes. It is hard to be joyful when I know how early it is and how much I have to lose. I am still pretty calm though. I had a bit of a breakdown the night before first BETA. My husband, on the other hand, has been a disaster for weeks. I think because he has been such a nervous wreck I am feeling more in charge. My household can't handle two out of control freaks.


Melanie said...

Awesome news. Please, please trust your doctor. The number is very close to doubling, which is very good. Keep positive, keep doing what you're doing. Stay away from Dr. Google. Seriously.

Kami said...

I'm glad your doc was happy with that number. I hope it continues to go well. I would be nervous too, but good things do happen!

the Babychaser: said...

Good luck. Hopefully soon you'll be out of that so so worried zone and into the sort-of worried zone.

Portia P said...

Wonderful news!

I'm sorry i missed the first beta - i'm so happy for you.

Fingers crossed for the next one.

Stay positive, rest lots and BELIEVE this can happen!!!


JuliaS said...

I always wanted to be sedated for the first trimester and woken up after 14 weeks - the anxiety over how things were going was awful at times.

Wishes for continued good betas!

Swim said...

Great numbers! I am so excited for you.

Kami said...

Good luck tomorrow!

Freyja said...

Holy crud I'm late! I'm sorry I'm late... but it is a week later now. Oh woman we need an update!!!