Thursday, April 10, 2008


Great news! My ER went really well yesterday. The nurse told us to be there at 12:30PM. The appointment was really 1PM and the doctor didn't show up until 2PM. This lateness in my last cycle would have thrown me over the edge. This time, I was totally cool.

The anesthesiologist took me in shortly after 1PM and started getting me ready. She could do everything but, start the drugs. We kept each other company by telling stories. It turns out my RE helped the OR nurse get pregnant. She is now 16 weeks. I believe she said it took three ivf's. I decided she was my good luck charm this cycle!

I thank you all for your great words about my cycle and ho-bag former friend!!! As I was driving to work on Monday, I made the decision to remove her from my life. She was more than halfway out the door anyway. A long time ago, I had decided it was better to keep friends by working through hards issues than to lose them. As a teenager and into my 20's, I would often ditch people who stressed me. I really wanted to be mature and fair and keep friends around even if I couldn't trust them as I once did. We all need friends for different reasons, right?!!!!.

Anyhow, this girl will be easy to let go. She only cares about herself and now she only has herself!!!

Good-bye A, you're not worthy!!!


Lori said...

People outgrow lots of things, even bad friends.

So happy about the good folly news!

Barb said...

Good luck!!

the Babychaser: said...

Nine is great! Totally worth the wait.

JuliaS said...

Good job - those 8 matured and brought along a friend!

Best wishes!!

Swim said...

congrats on nine follies. that is a great number. many many chances!

Ms. J said...

Good for you! It's more than past time to focus on YOU ;o)

Kami said...

Great news! It makes me miss my IVF days. Such hope! GL

Melanie said...

Wonderful news. (Not on dumping the oh-so-much-not-adding-anything-positive-to-your-life friend, but the great retrieval.) Fingers crossed for you!

Portia P said...

Fantastic news on your ER. Definitely worth waiting for!

Just read about your ex-friend too - good for you for having the courage to bin her. She so deserves it. You're so much better of without her.

Good luck with fertilisation. xx